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Eldon Crop


This t-shirt is a made-to-order item. You now have the option to select a custom-color foil pattern that is to be overlaid on the art by a process we call heat-pressing. This allows a shiny look on the art, making your tee stand out compared to a normal graphic shirt. We are currently offering 2 options, but plan to add even more to provide a more unique experience. Let us know what we should add next!
  • American Fighter Women's Eldon Crop Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Black / 100% Cotton
  • Original Mens T-Shirt Cropped and Hand-Cut for Women
  • Custom Colored Foil with Multiple Color Patterns:
    • ½ Floral & ½ Black Foil
    • ½ Magic & ½ Indi Pink Foil
    • ...plus more to come!